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MSA (Updated Synthesized Manifesto), synthesis of ideas, individuals and mediums involved in the creative process. This experimental space existed (1985-1991) on the fifth floor of the old building of the SINGER sewing machine company in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, previous Libreria Campos. Opened on August 30-31, 1985 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, by Teo Freytes, Yrsa Dávila, César Stephenberg and Roberto Torres, on the same days that the country was shaken with a series of arrests in Puerto Rico, and some cities in United States by FBI against citizens linked to the island's independence movements, specifically to the group calling itself "Los Macheteros", but that's another story.

It was a space where visual arts would be presented side-by-side with dance, theater, music, performances, video, and poetry. Within this space, there would be no labeling of works by genre, since the M.S.A. considered everything to be art; which is why no censorship was applied. In addition to holding events to run parallel with exhibitions, the space was used to introduce the work of young and emerging artists of Puerto Rico and as a workshop for artists. Only one rule: Autonomy / Synthesis = The artist decides what he presents and is responsible for the content of his work.

Place of encounters and debates where the vital element is art, in its different manifestations and the synthesis of everyday elements that confronts the viewer with the surrounding world, without restrictions. 30 years later we continue with this task, now in the virtual space.

Teo Freytes, Yrsa Dávila

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Mira Lehr: Tracing the Red Thread

In Greek Mythology, Ariadne’s Thread was a tool that helped Theseus make his way through a complex labyrinth guarded by a vicious
by Mira Lehr

“Women Weavers: the Warp of Memory” 2018, at TBBox Art/Ideobox ArtSpace and Aluna Art Foundation, Miami

The word textile comes from the Latin “texere” which means “to weave”, “to braid” or “to construct,” and is the common root of words like text and textile. There is a discourse that flows between the threads and the fabrics of the artworks by the women artists participating in this exhibition.

Welcome “After Hurricane Maria” / “Despuès del huracàn María"

“After Hurricane Maria” MSA X presents the view of three artists of the aftermath of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.Opening Friday, sep. 21, 2018, 7:00 pm
“Despuès del huracàn María'” MSA X presenta la visión de tres artistas sobre las secuelas de María en Puerto Rico. Apertura viernes, sep. 21, 2018, 7:00 pm

“3W Womens view” at Kendall Art Center, 2018

“3W,” three individual art show where women are the focal point, both as subject matter and as artist. “3W Women’s view” features the work of Aimee Perez, Angela Alés and Milena Martínez Pedrosa. Each woman presents an individual show that collides and highlights the complexities of being a woman in art, with all the passion, struggles and joy therein. Critical analysis of these unique show is presented by the art critics and curators Janet Batet, Roxana M. Bermejo and Odette Artiles.

Artista de Puerto Rico, Nestor Barreto

Artista de Puerto Rico Nestor Barreto

Soy Néstor Barreto (1952) • Este documento tiene comoobjetivo informar mis cualificaciones para ocupar una plaza en suinstitución como maestro, específicamente de diseño de exhicionestemáticas y / o publicaciones.Estudié en la School of Visual Arts en Nueva York,de donde me gradué en 1978. En esa ciudad medesempeñé como diseñador en Formula One Graphics.A mi regreso a la isla, Desde el 1986, como miembrofundador del Centro de Investigaciones Carimarcolaboré junto Aníbal Sepúlveda y Jorge Carbonell enla producción de las memorables publicaciones yexhibiciones [en y fuera de Puerto Rico] en las queCARIMAR se vió involucrado hasta su disolución enel 2009.Simúltaneamente desarrollé dos proyectos editoriales,Quimera Editores [1990s] y Colección Maravilla[2000s], colaboré en numerosas revistas y proyectosde arte y literatura y di clases de diseño en la Escuelade ArtesPlásticas.En este momento me hallo colaborando junto aJoseph Harrison y su equipo de trabajo en un proyectoque considero de vital trascendencia para el accesotanto [del] [de la] ciudadan@ ordinari@ como [del][de la] académic@ seri@, a los documentos históricosnacionales, el Archivo Digital Nacional [ adnpr.com ].Considero la arquitectura de información mi campo dedesempeño.Mi dirección electrónica es colección.maravilla@gmail.com, mi teléfono 787 462 7612 . Estoy activo en Facebook.

A CENTURY OF DISSENT: MIAMI! Mana Contemporary Miami Presents: July Third Saturdays at 777 Mall 2018

July’s Third Saturdays will feature Artist Jason Lazarus and his project A CENTURY OF DISSENT: MIAMI!, along with other memorable artistic and cultural and activations including musical performances, films, videos, and workshops throughout the afternoon and evening.

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Carlos Fajardo, Artista de Puerto Rico

Carlos Fajardo, Artist from Puerto Rico 1953-2017

Carlos Fajardo, painter, professor writer, in this post we chose to put one of his interviews with FrenteSonico in Puerto Rico, also on the blog you will find critical essays and other information on this excellent artist that live to the max.

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